How To Sell To Little Chickpeas

  1. Complete our form with the appropriate information. (Click here to start form now)
  2. We will inspect the images within 1 working day, where you will receive the initial offer for the items
  3. Items should be carefully packaged in protective wrapping to avoid damage during transit
  4. Once clothing items are received, we will thoroughly examine them before we accept them for sale. We check every part of the item for marks, stains, rips, fading and bobbling etc. before clothing is offered for sale on the site.
  5. We will make you an offer for the clothes within 2- 3 working days
  6. Payment is only transferred once clothes are received, examined and accepted for resale. Any clothes not in acceptable condition will NOT be returned unless paid for.

Rules for Selling to Little Chickpeas

What items do we accept for resale?

  • We only accept clothes in excellent condition. Items must be hardly worn and good as new or never worn and brand new
  • If items have been worn they must be freshly washed, ironed and folded
  • We do not accept clothes with marks, stains, rips, fading, bobbling, or items without labels etc. Any clothes that have any of these defects will not be sold or returned
  • For hygiene purposes, we do not accept underwear or socks
  • We no longer accept supermarket/savings brands, such as F&F, George, Primark, and BHS